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Share and embed PDF documents as interactive and user-friendly digital brochures.

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eBrochure makes sharing of plain and bulky PDF attachments simple, now you can share interactive and user-friendly PDF’s and track them at your fingertips.

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How to share?

UPLOAD your PDFs and images to eBrochure to convert them to digital user engaging brochure.

CUSTOMIZE your eBrochure by adding company branding, videos , links and lead forms.

SHARE there are many ways to share your eBrochures with clients. Like, you can SHARE as link or QR-Code by email , sms or WhatsApp or through configurable NFC devices

Send PDF as a
direct link

Direct links are the best way to share brochures. All you have to do is to copy the link to your brochure, send it via email or messenger to a client, and they will be able to open it right away—no heavy attachments, no downloading.

When you post the link to your brochure on social media or send it via a messenger, it automatically turns into a nice preview of your document, easy to notice and asking to be clicked.

Share PDF via QR Codes

eBrochure support offline share of document. Get QR-Code from your ebrochure place it on your business card, banners and menu.


eBrochure helps you to modify background, logo, custom links and videos which suits to your company branding, this will make customer acquistion easier.


With eBrochure you can create trackable brochures. which helps to know you're viewer and interaction with your content and get realistic data for better marketing decisions.


eBrochure is designed to make SEO friendly. All brochures are consistently indexed and pushed to higher rank by search engines.Brochure will help to promote your content on the web, as we support title , description, tags and other metadata which will help rank fast and high. Interactive eBrochures are not only indexable they will engage your viewers and bring more visitors. Which in terms help Google crawlers and other people to rank your content higher.eBrochure SEO feature is can be disabled for private content with settings provided - by default SEO optimization is enabled. With in-built eBrochure lead capturing form turn your traffic into leads.